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Rummage helps you organise your files the way you actually think about them
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Rummage is a capable companion for Windows PC users that provides you with easy and quick access to the documents you require. This application analyzes the content of your files, and tags them accordingly so that you can find the documents you wish to open or share with minimum effort.

The Welcome screen is the first window users see when Rummage is launched. From there you can select the folders you wish to analyze, watch a detailed video tutorial of the app, and find complete information about how to properly operate the program.

In my testing I selected three directories (they contained at least 6000 files of various formats). I liked the fact that it didn't take long for the application to scan my folders and analyze the content of their files. Once the scanning process was complete, I was able to search for the documents I needed by simply selecting the proper filters from the main window. I got the results I required within a few seconds.

Another good aspect is that you can log in to your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account directly from the app's interface and import the contacts from these accounts. This way, you can find documents related to your contacts a lot easier and access them whenever it's necessary.

To sum things up, Rummage is a helpful application that offers you a simple yet efficient solution for finding documents within your computer and Cloud storage. The program brings an intuitive interface, immediately scans and tags your files, and is free of charge.

Margie Smeer
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Offers various search filters
  • Lets you import contacts from your Google, LinkedIn or Facebook account
  • Keeps track of file info stored within your PC and Cloud storage


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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